Public Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Dave McClave has a rich history of speaking and instructional engagements.  Available for in-services, symposiums and seminars, Mr. McClave is a dynamic, captivating speaker who will entertain and engage, while delivering informative, clear messages with long-term value.


NATO Headquarters Public Affairs Office – Symposium & Short Course
“Desktop Publishing for the Public Affairs Officer”
3-day instructional engagement teaching concepts and techniques of desktop publishing, when the technology was still in its infancy.

Whitman College – Symposium
“Technology in Modern Music; New Instruments, New Means”
2-day symposium on changing methods and means of creating music.  Focused on not thinking in traditional terms, but developing, instead, new thought modes for creating music.  This symposium was requested by Whitman to help the staff develop a new curriculum.

Eastern Washington University – Seminar
“Recording in the ‘90’s”
3 hour seminar discussing and teaching digital and analog recording techniques and concepts, including microphone placement, processing, mixing, and performance techniques.

Music World, Inc. – Seminar
“Making a Living as a Recording Professional”
1-day seminar teaching client relations, keeping up with technology, managing a staff, and real-world marketing tips.

Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce – Keynote Address
“Media Technology and Changing Perception; ‘Resitance is Futile’”
Addressed issues regarding public vs. business owner perception of so-called “new media,”
and the need for business decision makers to realize that their preferences in media do not
necessarily match those of their customers.

North Idaho College – Seminar Series
“The Future of Media Technology”
1 hour seminar given each semester discussing the future of media technology and communication in the first 10 years 21st century.  Covered issues such as the necessity for flexible curriculums in education, and the need for continuing re-education throughout a career.

Spokane Business & Technology Expo – Seminar
“Web Content Management as Network Distributed Application”
2-hour seminar on the concepts of distributed application content management for web-design clients.

Technet Northwest – Workshop Address
“Automated Online Process Offering”
Half hour address to a group of 75 accredited investors which garnered 6 large offers to invest in the offering.